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Diamond Reserve Token

Welcome to the Worlds First Token backed by a Real Diamond! Each DMDR Token is baked one to one by a 1-Carat Lab Grown round Diamond that you can redeem.  

1 DMDR =1 Diamond




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What is Diamond Reserve?

Diamond Reserve (DMDR) is a ERC20 utility token built on the Ethereum blockchain.

By owning one DMDR Token you  also own a corresponding 1 Carat Lab Grown Round Diamond.

Please CLICK HERE to see a sample packaging of our Diamonds.

For each DMDR that is bought from us, we buy one High Quality European 1 Carat Lab Grown Round Diamond.
The Diamonds ensure the stability of each token market value.
We store all our Diamonds across Europe using Safety Deposit Banks from Switzerland, France, Italy, Germany and not only.

You can use your DMDR tokens to Redeem the corresponding Diamonds. 
You will have to send the DMDR Token back to us and we will send you one Diamond for each Token to any name and address that you will request us to.
You can also use your DMDR tokens as payment method, hold them as a investment, send them as gifts, stake them and all other utility that crypto offers.

All Diamonds are similar quality, only Excellent and Rare Round cut, with dimensions starting from 0.96 Carats and up to 1.05 Carats. It is impossible to have identical Diamonds.
The price of each DMDR Token is 15 to 25% lower then the minimum Retail Market Value of a European 1 Carat Lab Grown Round Diamond.
The Retail market value of a High Quality European 1 Carat Lab Grown Round Diamond is starting from $1200 and it can go up to $5000, when attached to High End Jewelry.
DMDR is by far one of the most stable coins in the world, being pegged 1-to-1 with real Diamonds that you actually own by owning the token.
DMDR offers you the possibility of owning as many High Quality Diamonds as you wish at a price that is below the Retails Market Price by a Huge Margin.
DMDR doesn’t promise you 10000x on it’s value, but it offers extreme price stability compared to 99% of the tokens that are not physically baked by anything.

How dose Diamond Reserve operate?

We buy our Diamonds from several Lab Grown Diamonds Producers and Distributors from all across Europe.

We only buy 1 Carat Excellent or Rare Cut Round Diamonds that are 100% Authentic that have been certified by the IGI (International Geological Institute) and have a engraved serial number. This makes each and every single of our Diamonds certified and highly valuable.

IGI certification involves a thorough examination and evaluation of a gemstone to determine its quality and authenticity. The grading process considers several factors, including the stone’s color, clarity, cut, and carat weight, as well as any treatments or enhancements that may have been applied.

We store all our Diamonds all across Europe in security Banks.
When a Diamond is redeemed , we extract it from the bank and send it to your requested location using DHL courier services.

Because of the complexity of operating with Diamonds, the shipping can only be done starting in around 5 to 30 days from the initial day of redeeming your Diamonds and can take anywhere from 2 up to 45 Days to reach your location.

ICO Details

Starting from 15 April 2024 and ending 15 July 2024
Total DMDR Supply For ICO 500.000
Price 1 DMDR = 500 USDT

Full ICO description

We will sell our Tokens at a very low discounted price of only 500 USDT ($500) during the ICO, full price will start at 850 USDT ($850). The ICO will start on the April 15 2024 and will end July 15 2024. The vesting period will be the same as the ICO period. All 500.000 Tokens included in the ICO are fully covered one-to-one by a Hi Quality Excellent or Rare Cut 1 Carat Lab Grown Round Shape Diamond, like all the other DMDR Tokens and can be redeemed at any time, starting from July 15 2024. All Diamonds will be shipped from the European Union to any location that you will ask and that can be reached by DHL and has no restrictions for holding diamonds. Please visit their website to make sure that we can ship to your location before redeeming your diamonds.

  • We will ask for : name, address, email and phone number in order to organize the shipping.
  • We will ship fully insured to your requested location.
  • You will receive e email with your tracking number once the Diamonds have been shipped out.
  • There is no shipping cost for you. You might have to pay customs duties, depending on your location.
  • On request we can ship as gifts, but it will not be insured.
  • Make sure you will enter the correct shipping details. You will not be able to make any changes after you submit them and we will not accept any modification.
  • We are not responsible for any event during the shipping, for the lost of the parcel or you missing the delivery of the parcel.
  • Please make sure that the legislation in your location allows you to hold Diamonds, it is not our responsibility.


  • Stage 1 (Jan 1st 2024 - Apr 15 2024)

    ◆ Deploying the Token Contract on the ETH Network. ◆ Creating the Website and Media Network for the DMDR Token Launching. ◆ Developing the necessary infrastructure for the Diamonds mass Purchase, mass storage and shipping.

  • Stage 2 (Apr 15 2024 - Jul 15 2024

    ◆ Initial Coin Offering at a discounted price of $500 / Token for a limited supply of 500.000 DMDR. ◆ If all 500.000 tokens will be sold prior to July 15 2024, we will start selling the Token at full price ($850) in 1 week after the last ICO token will be sold. ◆ If not all Tokens will be sold until July 15 2024, we will start selling at full price ($850) starting 1 week after the ICO will end. ◆ You will be able to redeem your Diamonds starting from July 15 2024.

  • Stage 3 (July 15 2024 to Ongoing)

    ◆ We will start selling at full price of $850+ for 1 DMDR Token. ◆ Redeeming your Diamonds for the Tokens will continue.

The Team

Meet the Minds Shaping Group

Dan Burcut


Dragos Stefanescu

International Business Development Manager

Haroon Munir

Software & Blockchain Engineer

Abdullah Bin Tahir

Web Developer

I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for your interest in our project. It took us almost 1 year to organize all the logistics that are running in the background of Diamond Reserve. It is a project full of passion as it is full of tech. It is impossible to list here the full team since it goes well into the dozens, so we will gladly take credit for their hard work and call them our faceless heroes! I and my Team promise to all of you to make Diamond Reserve a tear one token. My Warm Regards
“Dan Burcut”


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